Potato :

Potato is the fourth largest food cropin the world. Potato varieties differ in shape, color, size, flavor and starch content, there are approximately 4,000 different types of potatoes in allparts of the world, was born in thatmany of the standard varieties or well-known, and each has special features agricultural or cooking. In general, it is categorized into classes a few main groups, such as russets, reds, whites,yellow, purple, based on common characteristics.


Potato is the fourth largest food cropin the world. Potato varieties differ in shape, color, size, flavor and starch content, there are approximately4,000 different types of potatoes in allparts of the world, was born in that many of the standard varieties or well-known, and each has special features agricultural or cooking. In general, it is categorized into classes a few main groups, such as russets, reds, whites,yellow, purple, based on common characteristics.


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